Marijuana farm was destroyed during the Northern California fires.

A California four years ago and whose last name we are withholding — says his new cannabis farm remains intact for now. But all the wildfires are taking a toll on him. He says as a cannabis farmer who had wildfires burn this season, he doesn’t think he’ll stay in the industry.

“It’s brought a lot of questions about whether or not I even want to live here anymore,” Zach said. “It’s tough because as a community we’ve gone through a lot of trauma together.”


The Mendocino Complex Fire, consisting of the Ranch and River fires and that has now burned more acreage than any blaze in California history, lies a couple miles east of Highway 101 near the town of Hopland, where a strip of cannabis farmers grow their crop.

There are an estimated 10,000 marijuana growers in Mendocino County. But it’s unclear how many farms have been affected by the Complex fire because that information isn’t tracked by Cal Fire.

“Last year we learned cannabis is very resilient to fires,” Allen said.

In fact, he explained that plants growing close to the flames were often unharmed, and that cannabis farmers sometimes served as a “fuel break” that slowed down or even stopped fires.

California cannabis farmers and cannabis users don’t have to worry now about the price of cannabis but it unclear how wildfires like these in effect the industry.

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