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Medical marijuana dispensary in Pennsylvania

The growth and cannabis stores in Pennsylvania.

The Muhlenberg Township location is the first in county to offer the product.

For the first time, medical cannabis store is available for sale in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

This morning, Harvest Inc. opened for business at 3225 N. 5th Street Highway in Muhlenberg Township, the site of a former FedEx Kinkos store.

The opening comes after delays that set back the cannabis store’s opening several months.

Pennsylvania has had a medical marijuana program the was signed into law in April 2016.

“That’s good news because I was going to make a trip to one of the other cannabis stores this weekend,” Shultz said after being informed of the opening. “Patients in Berks have had to travel 45 minutes to an hour away to get there medical marijuana. There’s definitely a need for it locally.”

Harvest originally received approval to open for business at 2701 North Fifth Street Highway, the site of the former Jack O’Reilly Tuxedos. That construction plan ultimately proved too costly, and the dispensary received permission from the state Health Department to move into the FedEx Kinkos store. Work has been underway for several months to bring it to fruition.

In July, the Health Department gave the Arizona-based company approval to open for business at its new site.

In Pennsylvania, patients with 21 serious medical marijuana conditions can obtain medical marijuana after signing up with the state medical marijuana program. They also need to get evaluated by a physician who has registered with the state program.

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