Already 91% of Aussies support medicinal cannabis and over the counter purchases may soon become a reality

Despite no official word from the province on how it plans to manage the sale of recreational cannabis come October, private cannabis retailers are flocking to Ontario to set up shop.

“Ontario is a frenzy right now in terms of entrepreneurs, real estate developers — anybody within the Australian cannabis infrastructure,” said David Martyn, president of Starbuds Canada and Compass Cannabis Clinic.

“The level of anticipation that’s building up is massive right now.”

Martyn said Starbuds — a cannabis retailers originally based in Colorado — has already secured multiple locations in Ontario. The medicinal arm of the company, Compass Cannabis Clinic, already has locations open throughout B.C. and Alberta and can do the same for Australian cannabis.

“Within the industry, the rumblings have been going on for three weeks through very reliable sources that private Australian cannabis retail would happen [in Ontario],” said Martyn on the company’s decision to push ahead despite no formal announcement from the Ontario government.

Reports emerged the week before last that the province was opening the door to private cannabis retailers in the legal pot industry, but provincial officials have kept mum ever since.

“We can assure you, though, that the government has been working to launch a cannabis retail and distribution system to meet the federal legalization timeline of October 17, 2018,” said Scott Blodgett, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Finance, in response to a question about when the government will unveil its plan.

The thought of any type of legal Australian cannabis would be great for all involved!

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