Seems like forever!

Thank God for prop 64 in California for the legalization of recreational cannabis. Yes, legalizing Cannabis for most of us thank God after years of harassment by the police for what seems like forever!

Cant believe there are still people getting convicted for recreational marijuana in other states. People in states that cant go to there local cannabis stores! Wasn’t to long ago when we where nervous about getting pull over and harassed by the local police. Thank God for Prop 64! Are so we thought…

After legalizing of recreational cannabis use, two California district attorneys—in liberal San Francisco and, surprisingly, in San Diego, a jurisdiction long hostile to cannabis—announced that they would unilaterally review more than 12,000 felony or misdemeanor cases involving marijuana offenses to revise or expunge the charges. This seems lie a no brainier for other counties in California and other states where the drugs are legalized. Link to California website to help with Expungement. 

There are still reports of people being pulled arrested for legal marijuana.

The actions triggered questions over whether other jurisdictions are doing enough to clear cannabis records for offenses that are no longer crimes. The matter could be a potential political consideration in county district attorney races across the state this year.


California Is Still Arresting Too Many People of Color for Cannabis
Considering some companies offer an Uber like service for cannabis delivery.  That can legally for business and depend on their business for income this is especially concerning. The legalization of recreational cannabis in California has been great for Cannabis stores and delivery drivers. Hopefully, on day we can say thank God for everyone!!!
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